QA Leads

Expired on: Jan 31, 2022

Role overview

  • As a Quality Assurance Lead, we are looking for an experienced, driven, and detail-oriented professional to join our QA Team. 
  • As a member of our team, you will collaborate closely with your QA colleagues as well as other members of the team, members from the development and product departments in putting best software testing practices in place throughout the entire software development process. Your responsibilities will include analyzing product requirements and developing test plans. 
  • Your role involves the creation of strategy, realistic time estimates, development and documentation of use cases and test scenarios, performing functional testing and defect documentation. 
  • The ideal applicant will have extensive past QA experience. 
  • Have Selenium experience and can automate existing test cases. Comfortable with Visual Studio and proficient at developing tests in the C# programming language. 


  • You’ll check for product conformity to unit, regression, protocol/interoperability, and user interface issues and standards.
  • You will ensure product consistency across the product cycle, including design, definition, and implementation, through quality inspections and testing, the construction phases are completed. 
  • You will act as a liaison between the Product Group and the software developers to guarantee that a high-quality product is delivered and ensure the product is compatible with the release schedule. 
  • You’ll be in charge of developing and maintaining a consolidated suite of documented tests. 
  • You are in charge of creating accurate personal calendars and time allocations to guarantee that tasks are completed on time. 
  • You browse over old, new, and ongoing bug reports to see what areas need special attention. 
  • You ensure that critical testing tools are viable, functional, and effective. 
  • You will anticipate program release issues and take remedial action, escalating as necessary, to ensure that the software is released on time. 
  • Make commitments and stick to them. 
  • Before sending documentation to external customers, you will examine it. 


  •  ​You have a lot of prior expertise with software quality assurance. 
  • You’ve worked in the payment, banking, or financial industries before. 
  • You have a thorough understanding of the Software Development Process and Quality Assurance Cycles & Types of Tests
    Familiarity with a number of testing approaches, including user interface testing, automated testing, and test-driven development strategies, among others. 
  • Experience with the Agile methodology, unit testing libraries/frameworks (.Net Framework recommended), UI Automation Tool (Selenium), code management tool (Git), and deployment tools is preferred (Jenkins) 
  • You have experience and knowledge in testing and troubleshooting Web and Mobile Applications and IVR (interactive voice response) systems. 
  • You’ve worked with Test-Driven Development (TDD) and have a strong understanding of unit testing framework of Visual Studio.
  • You have good analytical abilities as well as previous expertise with the implementation and administration of defect profiles and performance against entry/exit criteria are examples of software quality assurance measures. 
Job Category: QA Engineer
Job Type: Freelance Part Time
Job Location: Sri Lanka
Sorry! This job has expired.