Software Architects (Full-Stack)

Expired on: Jan 31, 2022

Role overview

  •  ​​​​Zechariah Technologies is searching for a competent Software Architect to join our team, which is focused on expanding software capabilities to various domains. In this post, you’ll be a part of a fast-paced team developing new and creative goods for global markets. 
  • Our team is founded on a foundation of R&D, internal innovation, creating new product lines with emerging technology, managing new goods from conception to commercial scale, and strategically engaging with start-ups to create the future of commerce with and for our consumers. You will be a part of defining the global future of commerce at Zechariah Technologies. 
  • This team will have a wide focus in terms of location and technology issues and will work tirelessly to bring novel payment solutions to the market. 


  • This position is a software architect, and it entails collaborating with a group of experienced engineers to create high-performance blockchain-based solutions. 
  • The function entails a combination of strategy, standards, and architecture definition, as well as hands-on abilities to produce design (high-level and low-level), code, and provide explicit instructions to engineers. 
  • Your responsibilities as a lead software architect would fall into one of these categories. 
  • Software for Architects and Designers
    Lead the design, Development, and architecture of software systems and applications. These solutions and software are tailored to a client’s individual requirements or generate Zechariah Technologies-compatible products.
    Assume the role of high-level decision makers throughout the process, deciding on anything from design decisions to technical requirements like platforms and coding standards.
    Collaborate with product teams to understand needs, find solutions, suggest ideas, and lead technical thought.
    When presenting a product to external consumers, engage with them to represent engineering alongside the product.
    Examine the pros and cons of building vs. buying solutions, and collaborate with startups to develop creative solutions.
    Document the overall system/application architecture, assist with high-level design, and provide low-level design direction to the engineering team. 
  • Lead Technology
    On software development projects, especially at an early stage, it’s important to have a technical lead (concept, PoC, Prototype, Pilot)
    Create a team of engineers that is appropriate for the project’s scope, assign responsibilities, collaborate with TPM to create a timeline, offer estimates, and serve as the engineering lead in the operating/steering committee.
    Engage with the partner organization to ensure that the proposed solution complies with the corporate requirements for developing and operating apps.
    Assist in bringing together numerous engineering teams in order to meet the overall goal of the proposed solution. 
  • Mentoring
    Build relationships with technical peers across the enterprise, with a particular focus on our Enterprise Architecture (EA) relationship; share new technologies with EA and bring EA technology and updates back to the group.
    Maintain a standardized technology stack and integration components. Create a tech stack and blueprints to make transitions easier. Ensure that code conventions are in line with EA.
    Create and maintain a set of common tools and services for worldwide teams to use.
    Work with information security to help build our infrastructure/cloud environments, as well as a safe blockchain application architecture.
    Design our cloud hosting environment and cloud application architecture for blockchain-based technology in collaboration with Infrastructure and Engineering.
    As appropriate, collaborate with external partners to design or assess architectures (e.g. AWS).
    Investigate and implement new technology and architectural domains.
    Provide updates and contribute to technical discussions of engineering teams.
    Tooling and process refinement should be used to promote continual improvement.
    Domain-level directions are communicated through group-wide and external public speaking and other communications.
    To meet cross-domain demands, researches and assesses tools and acquisition prospects.


  • Experience as a lead engineer/tech lead/software architect in the tech industry. 
  • Broad and in-depth understanding of the software development process and technologies, as well as hands-on experience as a designer (high and low level) and engineer on a variety of technologies and products, as well as knowledge of architectural styles and design patterns.
  • Proficiency in either one or more of the following languages: Java, .NET, Node.js, React.js, Vue.js, Python, PHP, Angular, iOS, Android/Kotlin, Flutter, React Native Hibernate, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, Soap UI, Restful, JSON, JAXRS,XML, Splunk, Agile, Rally, Sonar, Linux, Git-Hub.
  • Practical knowledge of a variety of coding approaches and computer languages Experience with data modeling and database design Microservices Architecture (Microservices Architecture)
  •  Experience building and maintaining big-scale platforms with high throughput (>10,000 TPS) and high availability (> 99.999%) with a worldwide footprint. 
  • Knowledge with Java JDK 8 or higher, Tomcat, Spring, Spring Boot, Shell Scripting, JSON, Docker, Kubernetes, or other container orchestration technologies is required. 
  • Junit or other automated unit testing frameworks expertise.
  • Working with code in a multi-developer environment and knowledge of CI/CD principles and technologies such as Jenkins, Gradle,
  • Maven, Source Control Management, and Source Control Management.
  • Knowledge of a UI framework such as Angular is advantageous. 
  • In a fun collaborative setting, he enjoys coming up with novel solutions to challenges. 
  • Advanced grasp and expertise of contemporary software engineering principles and approaches.
  • Dedicated to software development and at ease in a fast-paced setting.
  • Dedicated to coding excellence and best practices.
  • Demonstrate initiative and a desire to take on tough tasks.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, as well as good cooperation abilities.
  • Must be self-driven, highly motivated, and work well with others. 
  • Interested in mentoring and assisting the future generation of software developers in developing their skills.
Job Category: Software Architect
Job Type: Freelance Part Time
Job Location: Sri Lanka
Sorry! This job has expired.